Sunday, June 16, 2013

the 2013 deer fly season has started in SE Michigan!

Well, what do you know, the deer fly season here has started right on schedule this year ... the very first day of the second half of June.  My husband and I noticed our first deer fly of the 2013 season this evening when we drove to the road to put our garbage can out for collection.  Now, mind you, it was only one deer fly, but one is all it takes to signal the beginning of the season.  Within one or two weeks, their numbers will have drastically increased, making them a total nuisance.  Happily, I have my deer fly trap umbrella and will be ready to start trapping and killing those pesky blood-sucking deer flies.  And, of course, I will be keeping a tally of the number of deer flies I catch and will be reporting those numbers here.

I was happy to see a dragonfly this morning.  Sadly, it was merely one.  Come on out, dragonflies, one of your favorite meals is starting to emerge!


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  1. I also live in Livingston county on 45 heavily wooded acres. I started trapping deer flies last year with a slightly different approach. I noticed how they attacked the brush guard of my side by side UTV. So I mounted 2 pvc posts and the blue coated cups ride on the posts. I caught over 7000 last year, however, I hope to catch much less this year, as I am hoping that my efforts are reducing their #'s. Is this also your 2nd year? I am wondering if removing all those females and eggs will have an impact. I have to believe it will, as each female (the only blood suckers) lays about 1000 eggs! I also bought deer fly patches from Detex in Leroy Michigan. I put one on my hat every time I mow my lawn and catch about 12. I have only caught about 50 this year, however, it is early. I will report back later! Happy trapping!

  2. Yes, this will be my second year for trapping deer flies. I trapped sporadically during the previous two summers (2010 and 2011), but got serious about it during the 2012 season. I will post about this later, but for now I will say this: trapping deer flies does indeed make a difference in their numbers the next season!! Your 7000+ kills last season is very impressive! I'm guessing you'll see fewer deer flies this season. Wouldn't it be great if our efforts pay off and we end up having a mild 2013 deer fly season!!

  3. Thanks for the info. I shall come out of my house again in mid-August. =P

  4. I am currently icing one of 5 bites I recieved in SW Michigan over the weekend on a boat. I am worried about infection as it is swollen, red, hot and I have mild muscle pain in the arm that was bitten. I came across your blog searching for information about these flies. Thanks for all you do to reduce the population.

  5. Any update since 2013? I live in Livingston county and like to run on Lakeland trails but am very annoyed with the deer flies. Just curious if you have any recent 2014- present data.


  6. The "Horse Pal" trap has worked wonders for us in Oakland county, and I don't even have horses. I just want to kill the blood suckers!


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