Saturday, July 28, 2012

the 2012 deer fly season has ended!!!

I am officially declaring the end of the 2012 deer fly season here in Livingston County, Michigan.  Hooray!

This morning was my final session of trapping deer flies this season.  I caught a mere 35 of those blood-suckers, so I'm putting my deer fly trap umbrella away until next season.

After my post on July 6, I trapped an additional 3,318 deer flies during twelve subsequent outings.  Here's the data for that time period.

And now that I have a full season's worth of data (and, thus, more data points), here are the updated charts regarding the effects of temperature and humidity on the number of deer flies caught.

The following chart shows my trapping data for the entire 2012 deer fly season (dates with no data bars are days when I did not go out to trap deer flies).

Was it all worth it?

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  1. Congratulations! Have to agree that the minor inconvenience of the cup setup and trolling around the yard to catch the flies is oh-so worth it for a full day of aerial freedom.

    As an extra data point, my parcel of land is ~50 miles SSE of yours down in Washtenaw county, MI. I observed an almost exactly correlated start, peak, and end of deer fly season as you did.


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